Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Ugly LoveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this was my second attempt at a Colleen Hoover book and I have to say I’m still not convinced. I know a lot of people really love her books but I’m just not sure they are for me.

I read Hopeless a month or so ago and while I loved the first half I felt like it went a bit wrong for me around the middle and didn’t really come back. This book left me with similar feelings. I loved the start (with the odd exception) but again lost it around the halfway point.


The story follows Tate, a nurse and student who goes to stay with her brother Corbin until she finds her own place. On moving in day however she finds a man passed out drunk outside the door to the apartment. She soon finds out this is neighbour, pilot and friend of her brother Miles Archer. Miles is clearly trouble and troubled but Tate almost instantly feels an attraction for him.

Miles warns her to stay away from him, that he’s not looking for a relationship but they both agree to a casual affair. The only problem with this is that Tate wants more, she’s falling in love with him, but Miles will do anything to avoid love.


The story is told from the point of view of Tate in the present day and Miles from a point six years previously and the chapters more or less alternate between the two. Tate’s chapters cover her feelings and their relationship (or lack thereof) and Miles’ chapters are flashbacks to the events that led to him being the way he is. As I didn’t particularly like Tate I have to admit that I much preferred the Miles background plot although I was a little frustrated at how long it was dragged out for. I just really wanted to know what had happened but I suppose if it wasn’t dragged out there wouldn’t have been much of a book.

The Miles from 6 years ago was just the sweetest, most lovely guy in the world. I loved how he knew from the second of meeting a girl that they would end up together. I also loved how he was determined to stick by her no matter what. It was such a contrast to the present day where he was completely shut down and almost absent a lot of the time.

While I felt sorry for Miles, I found Tate annoying a lot of the time. She claims to be an independent, determined woman but ends up in this psychologically damaging relationship with a clearly troubled guy. I know he was attractive but there is no way it was worth all of the angst, worry and tears. She spent pretty much the whole book going on about how much she loved him, how she couldn’t deal with how he treated her, walking away from him and then going back to him. The whole thing was completely frustrating and never ending. It went on for far too long for my liking.

It is a well written book and I can understand why so many people are fans of Colleen Hoover. She does have this incredible ability to suck you into someone’s mind and emotions. I have to say there aren’t a lot of fun or upbeat moments in this book but there were a few occasions where I was in tears.

Unfortunately though I think I’ve just lost my tolerance for angsty, never ending drama type relationships and this probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t feel like there was much spark between Miles and Tate. The highlight of their relationship for me was when he was passed out drunk and she didn’t know how to deal with him. As soon as he sobered up it all went downhill. I felt like at times the relationship bordered on abusive which I don’t think is ever really acceptable no matter how troubled someone is. The ending when it comes is fairly predictable but too fast considering how long the rest of the story was dragged out.

I’m sure however a lot of this is just me and overall, while I didn’t particularly like it, I probably would recommend to readers who like stories about relationships and trying to get over a past trauma. Personally I think I’ll leave it a while before I attempt another Colleen Hoover book.

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