Review / Rating System

Review System

As an avid reader I’m always happy to hear from authors who are looking for someone to read their book and post a review. It amazes me how many great authors are out there that don’t get the recognition they deserve so I’m willing to do my bit. That being said my reviews are always honest and I can’t guarantee that the review I write will be favourable. I understand that your book is your baby and hours of blood, sweat and tears have probably gone into it so I will try to make any criticism constructive.

I don’t have a standard format for reviews but will generally include a brief synopsis of the story, what I thought of the writing style and pace, what I liked didn’t like about the characters and plot and my thoughts on the book as a whole.

While I will read most genres I’m particularly interested in the following at the moment:

  • Young Adult / New Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Chick Lit / Romance
  • Crime
  • Horror

I do tend to stick to fiction (so no non fiction please) and don’t really go for historical, war, political or espionage stories (although I will make the odd exception).

If you do have a book you’d like me to read you can use the Contact Me form.

Guide to Ratings 

As far as my rating system goes I use a standard five stars as below.

I do have a habit of giving half stars when I’m somewhere between the categories above.

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