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20150725_175559My name is Ali Wilson and I started this blog because I have a bit of a book obsession and was looking for a way to share my reviews and meet other book obsessed people. I would absolutely love to be a writer but unfortunately I was born with a logic brain rather than a creative one so I’ve resigned myself to reading other peoples fabulous work and feeling very jealous.

Anyway, the bit I hate, describing myself. I’m in my thirties and live in central Scotland with a deceptively small but extremely heavy and somewhat unpredictable cat called Fluff. I’m a bit animal mad so in addition to devil cat I also have a horse called Charlie. Both he and the cat demand all of the luxuries in life so I’m forced to spend most of my week working in an office and trying to make sense of numbers in spreadsheets. For the most part I do actually enjoy my job but it does tend to interfere with my true love in life which is reading.

I’ve loved reading and books since I was a small child and my mum used to read me a bedtime story. It offers some of the escapism, adventure and romance that I sometimes find missing in real life. It’s amazing how far you can travel and how much you can learn and experience.

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