Review: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare
by Beth O’Leary

I absolutely adored this book, so much so that the second I finished it I wanted to flip right back to the start and read it again. I laughed (a lot) and I cried (a little) but mostly this book just made me so happy.


Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey each have a problem and need a quick fix.

Tiffy’s been dumped by her cheating boyfriend and urgently needs a new flat. But earning minimum wage at a quirky publishing house means that her choices are limited in London.

Leon, a palliative care nurse, is more concerned with other people’s welfare than his own. Along with working night shifts looking after the terminally ill, his sole focus is on raising money to fight his brother’s unfair imprisonment.

Leon has a flat that he only uses 9 to 5. Tiffy works 9 to 5 and needs a place to sleep. The solution to their problems? To share a bed of course…

As Leon and Tiffy’s unusual arrangement becomes a reality, they start to connect through Post-It notes left for each other around the flat.

Can true love blossom even in the unlikeliest of situations?
Can true love blossom even if you never see one another?
Or does true love blossom when you are least expecting it?


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are very few books that make my re read pile but I think this is one that I’ll be dipping in and out of on a regular basis as the whole thing just made me so happy. As soon as I finished it (with a huge big smile on my face) I immediately wanted to go back to the start and experience it all over again.

It truly is a wonderful premise and one I will confess I didn’t fully appreciate when reading the blurb. I mean would you be willing to share a bed with a complete stranger (albeit at different times), I really don’t think I would, and it’s a mark of just how desperate to get out of her current situation Tiffy is that this seems like her best option.

I was kind of expecting this to be a light and fluffy rom com and while it is funny and sweet (and yes romantic), there’s a definite edge to it and it deals with some serious issues. Tiffy is trying to escape a seriously toxic relationship and Leon works in a hospice and is renting out his bed to raise the money he desperately needs to help his family. Romance is actually the last thing either of them wants and I really liked the way the relationship develops slowly, initially as a supportive friendship, giving them a chance to deal with everything else going on in their lives.

It’s actually a fair way into the book before Tiffy and Leon ever meet and or even speak to each other over the phone and I loved the fact that most of their communication was via the post-it notes they leave for each other. The whole getting to know one another through letters is one of my absolutely favourite romance tropes and the author does it so well. The notes were perfect and genuinely the highlight of the story for me, although I was desperate for them to finally meet, and a memorable meeting it is.

I absolutely loved both Tiffy and Leon and the relationship that grows between them was a joy to watch. Tiffy is probably about as far from me as it’s possible to get personality wise (she’s the arty, creative, outgoing and quirky type) but she’s such a generous and positive person that I found myself completely invested in her story. Leon is a little more reserved and introverted so much more difficult to get to know but beneath his hard shell there is truly a heart of gold and he really broke my heart at times.

The story is told from alternating pov’s and it’s very obvious whose chapter you’re reading as they each have very distinctive styles. Like their notes to each other Tiffy’s chapters are much more flowing and emotional while Leon’s are a lot more succinct and almost diary like. I will confess I found Tiffy’s chapters easier to read but I liked getting to know the characters this way.

As well as Tiffy and Leon there are quite a few secondary characters too and the author does a brilliant job of creating some very well rounded and unique ones. Every single one jumps off the page and feels completely real.

This was a really emotional read and I have to confess to both laughing out loud and also maybe shedding the odd tear but it truly is an uplifting read and one that I would recommend to everyone.

I used my Readers First points to claim a free copy of this book. This in no way influenced my review.

6 thoughts on “Review: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

  1. I absolutely adored they got to know each other too! I think I rated it too low actually, I didn’t give a full 5 stars because the first chapters I had a hard time with Leon’s voice and I even wondered if I was going to enjoy the novel that way.. but it turned out more than ok! Wonderful review Ali!

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    • I had exactly the same issues at the start. Leon’s chapters were definitely not the easiest to read in the beginning but I was just so in love with the whole book by the end I had to 5 star it.

      Thank you

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  2. Aww, great review! I love uplifting books, I don’t read enough of them. I’m so happy to hear this book made you happy, because I downloaded the audiobook the other day, and now I’m so excited to get to it! 😀 xxx


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