Teaser Tuesday: 21st November 2017

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Purple Booker. If you want to join in grab your current read, flick to a random page, select two sentences (without spoilers) and share them in a blog post or in the comments of The Purple Booker.

This week my teaser comes from Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan. This is a book I bought ages ago then accidentally requested on NetGalley and got approved. I read it at the end of last week as I was looking for something different and it’s definitely that. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. There were bits I loved and bits I didn’t. I’m so confused :/

My Teaser

‘Settling,’ scoffs Gwen. ‘We all settle. There isn’t a person alive who matches every element of the fantasy we wish for. Every person in a relationship has settled. What you choose to compromise on is up to you.’

~ 81% Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan

BlurbHold Back The Stars

‘We’re going to be fine.’ 
He looks around, but there’s nothing out here: nothing but the bottomless black universe on their left, the Earth suspended in glorious technicolour to their right.

Carys and Max have ninety minutes of air left.
None of this was supposed to happen.
But, perhaps this doesn’t need to be the end…
Adrift in space with nothing to hold on to but each other, Carys and Max can’t help but look back at the well-ordered world they have left behind – at the rules they couldn’t reconcile themselves to, and a life to which they might now never return.
For in a world where love is banned, what happens when you find it?

Hold Back the Stars is a love story like no other.

6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: 21st November 2017

  1. I find that snippet intriguing, but I’ve been on the fence about this one and so didn’t end up requesting it on netgalley, especially cos I saw a lot of people with mixed feelings like yours- I’m looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on it!

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