A Changing City in a Changing Season

The weather today was unseasonably (and if I’m honest un-Scottishly) bright warm and sunny so I thought I’d use my lunch break to have a walk around the city where I work and maybe find a quiet spot to read my book.

Needless to say as the weather was so good everyone else had the same idea so while I didn’t find somewhere quiet it did give me the chance to take some pictures of the city. I love Glasgow, it’s always changing. Old buildings are converted to hotels, bars and restaurants, listed buildings sit beside new office blocks and you turn a corner and you’re in a park or at the river.

I had hoped this week to get a picture of the lunar eclipse so got up at 3am to try to get a picture with no success (took me 10 mins to find it and it wouldn’t show on camera). There have however been some absolutely stunning sunsets. The changing colour of the sky is incredible so couldn’t resist some taking some pictures of that too. I hope you like them.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

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