Fiction or Non Fiction?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Great Divide.”

As part of Blogging 101, today’s task was to write a post based on a daily prompt that fit our blog so I was very happy to find the big question “when reading for fun do you prefer fiction or non fiction?”

For me the answer is obvious, Fiction. I love fiction. It offers an escape from the real world which is all too often a series of long and boring days with miserable commutes, stress at work and pressure to meet commitments. Regardless of the genre, fiction sucks you into a whole new world. It lets you walk in someone else’s shoes for a while, travel to places you may or may not ever visit and have adventures and experiences you would never otherwise have. I have travelled all over the world and all through time while seeing it and feeling it through someone else.

I know you can learn about other lives and other places by reading memoirs, travel books and biographies but for me these are too real, too true and therefore limited. There are no restrictions on fiction. It combines a number of different elements from reality and adds in invention and imagination. For me the more out there and unusual the book the better.

I do read the occasional non fiction book on subjects that interest me and I do enjoy them but there isn’t the same magic. I also suspect spending so much time at school and University being forced to read boring textbooks is partly to blame for the fact non fiction feels like a chore and not a pleasure.

Who knows, maybe I just haven’t found the right non fiction books. What do you think? Do you prefer non fiction? Can you recommend a good non fiction book that could change my mind?

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