Fooled by a book

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brilliant Disguise.” So today’s prompt in the Daily Post got me thinking about whether I’ve ever been fooled by an author. Have they ever managed in a book to pull the wool so completely over my eyes that I don’t see what’s really going on until the […]

Introducing I Wuv Books

I’ve wanted to do this for ages so here it is. My very first post in my very first blog.

Thought I’d start with a little about me. Hello, my name is Ally and I’m a book addict. I’ve tried to fight it but it’s a losing battle. I just love books too much. They have taken over my spare time, my home, my commute and my life. As my friends and family are fed up listening to me going on about what I’m reading I thought it was a good time to find a new audience.

I do not discriminate. I love all kinds of books and while I have my favourite authors there is nothing better than finding a great book by a new author. I like to rotate my way through different genres although with my addictive personality I can get a little obsessed with certain types of books (at the moment it’s books based on fairytales).

Going forward I’ll be posting reviews of the books I read and I hope you’ll be interested in reading them. I’m also happy to accept recommendations so if you’ve read a great book recently let me know.