Summer TBR: 20 Books of Summer 2022

Hello lovely people,

I hope you’re all doing well. It seems like forever since I posted so apologies for my latest disappearing act. I seem to appear every 3 months with a seasonal TBR then disappear again. Things have however calmed down a little at work, I’m reading a lot more, taking part in challenges and have a few ideas for posts so hopefully I’ll start posting (or just floating around the blogosphere) a lot more.

For a little bit of extra motivation I’ve decided to try and combine my Summer TBR with the 20 Books of Summer challenge, hosted by Cath at 746 books. It seems like a fun, relatively low pressure way to knock some books off the TBR mountain over the summer months and I’m hoping that by posting regular updates it’ll force encourage me to be a lot more active here.

This will be my first time participating so of course I’m being overly ambitious and aiming for the full monty (there are options for 10 or 15 books). I’m also putting a bit of a twist on it and aiming for 20 books from my physical TBR. I’ve been buying sooo many books lately (I blame the special editions and sprayed edges) and have a couple of book subscriptions on the go so I had a lot of books to choose from. Narrowing it down to 20 was not easy and I suspect there may be some substitutions along the way but at the moment this is my list.

Hopefully I’ve got a really good mix of different books on the list and there are a couple I am very excited about so I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to fit my mood (I’m v much a mood reader). Have you read any of these or are there any you’re looking forward to reading yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Ali x

13 thoughts on “Summer TBR: 20 Books of Summer 2022

  1. Thanks so much for taking part Ali! I loved The Twyford Code and am very keen to read Lessons in Chemistry so look forward to hearing what you think of those. Good luck and happy reading!


    • Thanks for hosting. I loved The Appeal so have been looking forward to the Twyford Code while also being nervous it won’t live up to expectations. I’m being a bit of a cheat and have started Lessons in Chemistry and it is excellent so far

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    • I blame the covers for me buying so many books. It’s getting to the stage the bookshop staff know me and try to sell me even more. So happy you loved those two books. I’ve actually read the first couple of pages of Gallant and really liked the style so I’m looking forward to finally reading it.

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      • Haha if it means more pretty covers on your shelves it’s all bad though… 😉 I hope Gallant will be a good one for you! I know it’s not for everyone as it’s quite slow, but if you click with the writing style you might just love it too.


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