WWW Wednesday: 4th December 2019

The WWW Wednesday meme is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words and is a great way to do a weekly update on what you’ve been reading and what you have planned.

WWW Wednesday

To take part all you have to do is answer the following three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently ReadingDarkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle, #3)

I’ve been trying to juggle too many books lately and making not much progress on any of them so this week I’m paring it back to just one, Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff. I’ve had this book sitting on the shelf for a couple of months now and I’ve also got the audio (I find it easier than the book) so I’m kind of flipping between the two and having a brilliant time. I only started it on Sunday but as I ventured out for a very long walk (partly as an excuse to listen to this) I’m around 8 hours in (13 or so to go). It’s not been that long since I read the first two books so I’ve found it very easy to jump back into the story and the style. Mia is definitely one of the best characters I’ve come across, I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when her story comes to an end. Does anyone know if there’s a support group?

Recently Finished

I had a bit of a fight with my laptop last week and didn’t do a WWW post (the laptop won) so this is two weeks worth of books rather than just one.

The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, #3)A Bad Day for Sunshine (Sunshine Vicram, #1)The Christmas PartyThe Places I've Cried in Public

First up was The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black, the third and final book in the trilogy. I’ve read some rather mixed review of it but I liked it. It did feel a little bit rushed and I’m not sure every character got the ending I would have liked but I flew through it and loved every moment.

My focus for reading is not great yet again so decided to stick with some easier reads and picked up A Bad Day for Sunshine by Darynda Jones next. This has been the year of Darynda Jones as over the last 12 months or so I’ve read all 13 of the Charley Davidson books. They’ve kept me sane and made me laugh through house moves, renovations and changes at work. I had high hopes for this, the first book in a new series, but found myself not wholly convinced by it. It may just be because it’s a first book but it seemed to take a while to get going. It also feels a little too similar to the Charley Davidson books, similar characters, same humour. I did get hooked towards the end and will no doubt read on but it would’ve been nice to get something different.

After A Bad Day for Sunshine I decided to read Karen Swan’s The Christmas Party. Swan is another favourite author so I was looking forward to this however yet again I found myself struggling to get into to story – I’m starting to think it’s me. It was a little bit slow at the start but unfortunately I think my biggest issue was the characters. It’s told from the pov of three sisters and for around the first third I did not like any of them. Thankfully they did start to grow on me and towards the end I found myself hooked but overall this was slow going, and I’m sorry to say, not that memorable.

Thankfully after those not fantastic reads my library hold on The Places I’ve Cried in Public by Holly Bourne came in, so I dived straight in and it did not disappoint. It isn’t an easy read, it’s frustrating and a little bit heartbreaking but it is brilliant. It’s all about a girl struggling to get over what was an incredibly toxic relationship. Bourne does an amazing job of creating very authentic characters and relationships which bring the story to life. It’s an important book, but it’s also a very well written book. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a YA contemporary that’s not all hearts and flowers.

Reading Next

I’ve decided that December will be a bit of a read what I like month (I made a small dent in my ARCs last month) so I’m hoping to finally pick up some of the books I bought ages ago and maybe finish a few series’. Most of the series I am close to finishing seem to be fantasy but as I’m midway through a fantasy right now I think I may go for Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers next. I’m also in the mood for some Christmas reads so may also pick up The Christmas Wish List by Heidi Swain.

Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3)The Christmas Wish List

Have you read any of the books on my list this week? Any others you’d recommend? As always please feel free to leave comments and links below.

Happy Reading ❤

20 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 4th December 2019

  1. I’m glad you eventually won the fight with your laptop and are back for this weeks’ WWW Wednesday 😛 Also glad to hear you liked the Queen of Nothing. I have just recently bought the first book and the mixed reviews for the last book were kind of discouraging haha. I think it’s a good strategy to just focus on one book. I always thought I wasn’t good at planning out my reading and that I always had to be reading two books, but recently I have been planning out what I pick up next and just finishing one book and moving on to the next. I’ve read much more in the past two months. Hope you enjoy all of your reads next week! 🙂

    Here’s my WWW if you’re interested: https://thenightisdarkandfullofbooks.wordpress.com/2019/12/04/www-wednesday-16-completing-my-goodreads-goal-🎉/


    • I have been really down on YA fantasy lately but Queen of Nothing just worked for me. I’ve read the negative reviews and I can understand the issues but they didn’t really bother me.
      Between ARCs, library books and new releases I really want to read I’ve probably been putting too much pressure on myself to read everything all at once. I’m not good at planning either but I am going to try and have a little more focus.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There needs to be a Darkdawn support group, because I read all the books back to back and now I just can’t cope with there being no more. xD I hope you enjoy it! Have you been watching the YouTube series adaptation? The first two out of three episodes are up, and gosh, I hope they end up getting their funding, because I want to see the whole freaking thing!

    Here’s my WWW post.


    • I’m only at chapter 20 but already feel like I need a support group. I am really not happy certain characters journeys have come to an end.
      I started watching the first episode but I think am gonna wait till I finish the books. I don’t want the visuals to mess with the way I imagine the characters right now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ugh, right?! There was so much I loved about Darkdawn, but there were still things I wasn’t thrilled with, too. I guess that sort of goes for everything, though, doesn’t it.

        Probably a good call to wait to watch it. I really enjoyed the three episodes, though.


      • I can see how that would take longer to sink its hooks in. I’ve heard great things about the character driven stuff too, though, so I’m here for it. I kept reminding myself I wanted to get to it all year, but I always ended up saving it for later for some reason.


    • They are absolutely brilliant and I think book 3 may be the best yet. It’s just so clever, and funny, and shocking, and heartbreaking.

      The format is unusual (many, many footnotes) so I found it easier to just read them more or less back to back but there is a section at the start of books 2 & 3 to get you all caught up if you take a break.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohhh that makes me want to read them even more! I always appreciate it when sequels give a short summary to help reminding where the story left off though. 🙂


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