WWW Wednesday: 30th January 2019

The WWW Wednesday meme is currently hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words and is a great way to do a weekly update on what you’ve been reading and what you have planned.

WWW Wednesday

To take part all you have to do is answer the following three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient GreeceYet again I’m not really reading anything right this very moment. I just finished a book on Monday night and have been feeling too tired to start anything new.

I am still listening to Mythos by Stephen Fry on audio and making some not bad progress despite not doing much driving which is when I do most of my listening. So far I’m really enjoying it. There have been a few parts which seemed almost like lists, who was descended from who, what they are known for, which words are derived from their name, but there are some great stories in there too.

Recently Finished

My focus over the last week or so has been on finishing writing up some reviews to try and clear off my NetGalley shelf so I’ve been mostly re reading over the last week rather than starting anything new. I have this terrible habit of finishing a book and instead of writing up a review (or at least the notes for one) I pick up my next book. It’s great at the time but not so good four months later when you finally get around to writing said review and have to resort to reading the blurb to remember what it was about.

Rather than reading blurbs I decided this time to skim through the books and ended up just reading them. It was The Kiss Quotient and The Other Miss Bridgerton both of which are fantastic (and very addictive) so I was more than happy to read them again (and the reviews are now drafted).

The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient #1)The Other Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys, #3)The Enchanted Sonata

I did pick up one new book this week, The Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon Wallwork, but unfortunately it was a little bit of a disappointment. I loved the concept of it (a retelling of the Nutcracker with some Pied Piper thrown in) and there are some magical moments but the writing was a little clunky. It’s not terrible, it just didn’t live up to expectations.

Reading Next

As is the norm for me in January and February I’m working crazy hours so not sure I want to start any of the books I’ve been overly excited about until I can properly enjoy them. I do have some library books that should be easy and enjoyable reads so I think I’m going to focus on them for a bit.

Next up I suspect will be book 9 in the Charley Davidson series which I picked up last week, hopefully that’ll get me closer to reading that ARC of book 13.  My hold on the fourth Wayward Children book In An Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire also came in so I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist for long. And speaking of things I can’t resist I don’t think I’ll be able to wait much longer to read 99 Percent Mine.

The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9)In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children, #4)99 Percent Mine

Have you read any of the books on my list this week? Any others you’d recommend? As always please feel free to leave comments and links below.

Happy Reading ❤

33 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 30th January 2019

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of Mythos and I think the only reason I continued to listen to it was because it’s Stephen Fry! I found it a little bit… boring at times and I didn’t get the dense that it was a retelling or re-imagining of the myths but just Stephen Fry reiterating them with some added bits.

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    • I can totally get that. There have been bits where he’s just rhyming off facts and information and I find my mind wandering. I have been liking the myths and stories though. I didn’t know much about the Titans so that’s been fascinating.

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  2. I am new to NetGalley and I need loads of advice on how to keep up! Any big tips? I loved the Kiss Quotient and I am really looking forward to her new book! I am super impressed that you are able to listen to mythology on audiobook – I tried listening to Niel Gaiman’s Norse Mythology and I just couldn’t keep track of who was who (until Thor). Here is my WWW: https://silverbuttonbooks.com/2019/01/30/www-wednesday-january-30-2019/

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    • Given I have 70+ books currently sitting on my Netgalley shelf I can only really advise what not to do and that’s don’t over request. I got way too excited about the “free” books when I first joined and requested everything forgetting I would actually need to read and review them all.

      I’m hoping I don’t need to keep track of who’s who in Mythos as I have no chance. So far Fry has been pretty good at reminding me of previous events and people. I’m afraid I haven’t even been trying.

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      • I only do positive reviews so for the past two years I didn’t take anything for free because I didn’t want to promise a review I couldn’t give. But, then I realized that I could review it places other than on my blog (thereby getting free books AND keeping things positive). But they wouldn’t approve me for any! Thankfully, I have received your advice with only two Netgalley approvals. I will absolutely keep that in mind – thank you!


  3. I spent last week trying to get my NG shelf emptier, so I completely understand what you’ve been up to! At least one of those was The Kiss Quotient. I adored that book. I’m also with you on wanting to read 99 Percent Mine. I went to my local Barnes & Nobel today to search for it, but they didn’t have it. 😦 I think I’ll request it from my library now.

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  4. I can’t wait to read In An Absent Dream and I’m looking forward to 99 Percent Mine as well after enjoying The Hating Game. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

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  5. I usually write up my NetGalley reviews as soon as I finish the book. I think it’s okay to post there, even if it’s early. I refrain from posting anywhere else (my blog, Goodreads, etc.) until closer to the pub date. Otherwise I would forget *everything* for sure.

    The few times I have written reviews a few months after reading the book, I tried recording my thoughts in point form after finishing the book to save my main opinions. Yup, even that was hardly helpful! I didn’t consider re-reading as a strategy.


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