Keeping things simple

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

My first thought when I saw today’s prompt was “Style? What style?”. I’m not someone who considers themselves to have a particular style whether it’s in respect of my clothes, my food or how I communicate. However, now that I’ve started to think about it I’d have to say it can probably be summed up in three words simple, honest and real.

My clothes tend to be quite simple and straightforward. I’m happiest in jeans, a t shirt and a pair of flats. When it comes to food, again I like it simple and honest. Meat, veg and potatoes, preferably prepared freshly by myself so that I know what exactly is in it (I don’t trust processed food and ready meals). And when it comes to communication I tend to say or write what I think and feel, hopefully in a simple straightforward style. I can never understand why you would use 10 words when one would do the same job. While occasionally at work I have to think of the best way to present information (mostly to prevent over reactions and make it easy to understand) I would never actually be dishonest.

I like to think I take the same approach to my book reviews. I try to make my reviews as simple and clear as possible and I will always be honest and say how I feel. I do appreciate that writing a book takes blood, sweat and tears and getting published is a tremendous achievement so I hope that the author doesn’t mind me expressing my opinion and giving some genuine feedback. Occasionally when a book stirs some really strong emotion (love or hate) I may get a little gushy or feel the need for a rant but I try to live by the mantra “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” and for the most part I’ve managed to stick to it.

My opinion is mine and mine alone. If everyone felt the same life would be boring. I just hope people enjoy reading my reviews and take something from them.

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