Book Review: Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island trilogy - Book 2)Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t too keen on this book at the start but somehow it managed to gradually sneak in and grow on me.

While I’d previously read other books by Sarah Morgan I hadn’t read the first in the Puffin Island series. However this book definitely works as a stand alone. There are updates on the characters from the previous book but the focus is definitely on Zach and Brittany.

Following an accident on an archaeological dig in Greece Brittany returns to her childhood home of Puffin Island to recuperate. She gets a shock however when it turns out the pilot flying her home is ex husband Zach. They’d married 10 years earlier as teenagers after a whirlwind romance but within a few days of the wedding Zach walked out leaving Brittany heart broken. Finding her ex husband living on the same small island she tries to be indifferent but as they keep bumping into each other her mask starts to slip and sparks fly. But is it really wise to get involved with the man with the troubled past and bad reputation who has already broken your heart?

The great thing about this book is that there is real emotion in it. The plot is not the most original and the ending is fairly predictable but it’s an enjoyable read. The interactions between Zach and Brittany are fairly hot and steamy and you can definitely feel the chemistry between them. There are a couple of parts that brought me close to tears and it definitely brought a smile to my face.

There was a lot at the start about and dotted throughout about how wonderful her friends were and how great the island was but I have to admit I found those parts a bit too saccharine for me and tended to skip on. I’m probably just bitter and twisted though.

Overall though it is what you expect, a light enjoyable read when you want to relax and escape from real life.

*Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book.

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